Blossom time

By mid April the Orchard was looking absolutely wonderful with many of the trees in bloom all at the same time.  The plum and pear tend to come out first and the Crawley Beauty apple tree is, I think, just about the last one to come into blossom.  

Thanks to Val for the lovely photo of the row of pear trees in blossom. 

photo of pear trees in bloom,

I think this year the blossom is a little earlier than last year and we have to hope that the colder weather wont damage the blossom and ruin the harvest. 

As the blossom come out we carefully removed the little weights from the branches. These now go back into the apple store and will be put back on in August for about 6 weeks, until the first apples are ready for harvesting.


Apple blossom close up

Earlier in the year we planted out some small forget-me-nots and corn cockle seedlings, 

Forget me not in flower