Our Producers

Our producers are from Sussex, with the majority based within a 25 mile radius of Lewes. They are always happy to talk about their rearing or production methods.

Our priority is to have producers that use methods that support the local environment, high standards of animal welfare and use local products themselves. We visit producers to understand what they do, look at how they rear animals and grow produce and see how their goods meet our criteria. We aim to have stalls providing a balance between primary products such as vegetables and meat, and processed products such as cheese, cakes and pastries.

We welcome applications from local farmers and producers who would like to trade at the Market. We have spaces for seasonal products such as apples, cherries and asparagus that may only attend a few markets and pitches for producers who wish to attend through the year. Please note we do not always have a spare pitch available. We review new applications quarterly and prioritise primary producers, products not currently represented at the Market or secondary producers with a high percentage of locally grown ingredients .  It is important to read our Produce Criteria before applying for a stall at the Farmers Market.

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