Lambing news from Baulcombes Barn


6 April 2016

I dropped into Baulcombes Barn yesterday (Tuesday 5th April) , when it was beautifully sunny and springlike, and had the pleasure of meeting the Grow project group who were there, working with Owena.

Owena kindly said it was fine for me to go and meet the lambs and take some photos. I was very careful to close all of the gates behind me as I went.

There were several different colours of lamb, some brown, some black, some a mixture. Some were absolutely tiny. Their mum was understandably nervous, so I approached very carefully and slowly, talking to her as I went. The little black lamb you can see came right up to me, baa-ing.

So far,  eighteen ewes have lambed so far, giving birth to 34 lambs.There are 19 ewes left still to lamb.

Posted by Emma Chaplin, Project Manager, Flourish