Common Cause Compost Doctor scheme in Lewes and Hastings areas 2005-2007

Common Cause Compost Doctor scheme in Lewes and Hastings areas 2005-2007. Summary of project below.

Workshops 2005-2007

Workshops have been held in 12 schools in Lewes and Hastings for parents to see how they can reduce their waste, which compost bin to choose and how to sort out common composting problems. Workshops were also run at Lewes Organic Allotment Project and allotment sites in Hastings, where there are compost demonstration areas with many different types of bins, and visitors can see the benefits of applying compost to growing beds.

Individual home visits

Common problems included bin contents becoming too wet or dry, contents not breaking down, bin smelling unpleasant. A visit from the Compost Doctors helped get a system back on track by giving practical help with re-packing a bin and offering advice for making it work.

Compost demonstration sites

Common Cause ran a project to help initiate the set up of new compost demonstration sites in East Sussex. The aim was to provide an educational resource to help increase the numbers of people successfully composting, thus reducing the amount of waste going to landfill.

The project was very successful, with nearly 1,000 people participating and more than 137 tonnes of waste diverted.

The benefits for groups setting up sites:

  • Providing an educational and training resource
  • Full funding can be applied for
  • Possible new job opportunities
  • Increases what existing sites have to offer
  • Increases links to local community
  • Own compost produced for use on site
  • Beneficial to wildlife

Common Cause Compost Doctor and demonstration sites project was funded by East Sussex County Council.