The Human Animal Bond (HAB) in action

Human Animal Bond – HAB

At Baulcombes Barn, Owena Lewis offers farm therapy to a variety of clients. We thought it might be interesting to say a bit more about what that is.

Farm therapy is where you work with a therapist as well as animals, and this process provides opportunities for the bond between animals and people to develop. This can be very therapeutic in the following ways:

  • Multi–sensory, stroking, petting and touching animals, research has shown that stroking a pet is beneficial in bringing one’s heart rate down.  
  • Unconditional judgement, animals will respond to everyone and they will accept you as you are.
  • Spontaneity, animals can bring up many feelings in us, like pleasure, when they do something surprising which makes us laugh, or warmth when they are together.
  • Quick to build relationships, animals are ‘right there’ when you first meet them, they don’t stand on formalities.
  • Here and Now, or Mindfulness, being with the animals is all-encompassing, and will help your concentration.
  • Chosen, sometimes an animal comes up to you and this may make you feel chosen which can be a nice experience.
  • Honest congruent, animals don’t lie to you, equally they don’t stand for any ‘bullshit’.
  • Trust animals will usually trust you from the start, treat them well and the trust will develop into recognition and friendship. 
  • Confidante, you might be drawn to one animal in particular and feel that you can trust it with your inner most thoughts and feelings.

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